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Our society celebrates Gerard Manley Hopkins, his poetry and his unique connection to our community in Monasterevin.  We hold a annual festival, and invite you to join us and gain an insight into the community and location that he referred to as “one of the props and struts of my existence”.


We are proud to announce the finalised details of our 2019 Festival:

2019 Festival Highlights:

  • Dates: Fri 26th July and Sat. 27th July.
  • Visit to Monasterevin House where Hopkins fondly mentions taking 6 or 7 short breaks.
  • Lecture: James Harpur
    Topic: Tom and Gerard: the Inverse Lives of T.S. Eliot and G.M. Hopkins
  • Lecture: Lance Pierson
    Topic: Hopkins and Milton
  • Lecture: Jo O’Donovan RSM
    Topic: Hopkins – the Poet of Theology
  • Art Exhibition: Artists for Peace
    Curator: Ann Scully RSM
  • Moore Abbey Concert, The Baronial Hall with the piano of John Count McCormack
    Tenor: Dominic McGorian
  • Prices: €5-15 per event (see programme for full details)
Useful Information:
Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J.

Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J. (28 July 1844 – 8 June 1889) was an English poet, Roman Catholic convert, and a Jesuit priest, whose posthumous fame established him among the leading Victorian poets.  His experimental explorations in prosody (especially sprung rhythm) and his use of imagery established him as a daring innovator in a period of largely traditional verse.

Hopkins in Monasterevin

Hopkins moved to Dublin in 1884 and died there in 1889.  During this time he was a professor of Greek and Latin at University College Dublin.  In letters to his mother and friend, English Poet Laureate Robert Bridges, he fondly mentions taking 6 or 7 short breaks at Monasterevin House with the Cassidy sisters commencing in 1886.  The Cassidy family were wealthy Catholic whiskey distillers.

Monasterevin Celebrating Hopkins

Monasterevin has been celebrating the Hopkins’ association since 1988 when a module on Hopkins was included in the Monasterevin Canal Festival.  The Monasterevin community has supported and organised the Annual Monasterevin Hopkins Festival every year since, under the aegis of a number of community organisations.  Since 2010, the Annual Hopkins Festival is organised by the Monasterevin Hopkins Society.

Our Annual Festival

The Annual Monasterevin Hopkins Festival is a celebration of Hopkins, his poetry and his connection with Monasterevin.  The program consists of poetry, literature, lectures, and music with the aim of educating and stimulating the community.  Please visit our Past Programs page for further information.

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact us.