2016 Event Videos

We  wish to sincerely thank Billy Sinnott, a student of St, Paul’s Secondary School Monasterevin for his work in video documenting our 2016 festival.  His efforts are much appreciated.

Lecture/Event Video
Dr R. K. R. (Kelsey) Thornton:
Co-editor of The Collected Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins Volumes I and II: Correspondence, Oxford University Press 2013
‘‘Peanuts’: the Making of the Collected Hopkins ”.
“Some of the amusing, and intriguing insights into Hopkins’s mind, discovered in editing his Correspondence, and a new account of his progress to the ‘Wreck’.”
Ms Niamh Brown:
”Hopkins’s Energetic Anxiety”
This paper will consider Hopkins’s writing in the light of nineteenth-century developments of the laws of thermodynamics. It will explore his attempts to reconcile a finite universe with an eternal God.
Dr Anne-Marie Millim:
“Productive Emotion in Hopkins’s Diary”
This paper argues that Hopkins’s diaristic writing can be seen as a strategy of making his personal desires productive by turning them into the praise of God and his creatures.
Professor Brian Cosgrove:
“From Dawn to Dusk: Versions of Nature in Hopkins and Thomas Hardy”
Hopkins’s Christian belief, as in his celebration of the “Cosmic Christ” in “The Windhover” is less representative of Victorian poetry rather than Hardy’s lack of faith. “The Darkling Thrush”, written towards the end of the Victorian era, is more typical of a culture in which the term “agnostic” was first introduced (in 1869).
Richard W. Halperin: Poetry Reading
Richard W. Halperin’s most recent volume of poetry is Quiet in a Quiet House. It concerns people and places of the past. Nature is interrupted by keening, laughter and rants. Memory is an important theme and people are presented as souls.
My Favorite Hopkins Poem
Participants were invited to read their favourite Hopkins Poem.